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What’s driving economic growth in China in 2020?


What’s driving the Chinese economy in 2020?

It’s 2020: A new year, a new decade, so what lies ahead? In this episode of the on China podcast, Nick Leung chats with Gordon Orr and Jonathan Woetzel about what’s driving the economy—and what’s not.

The Chinese consumer continues to power economic growth. Any potential increases in exports from the recently concluded trade deal with the US, however, will not. This podcast also covers China’s emerging role as a leader in smart manufacturing, technology decoupling between China and the US, and how China could become an exporter of climate mitigation solutions.

About the author(s)

Nick Leung is chairman of China and is a senior partner in’s Hong Kong office, and Jonathan Woetzel is a senior partner in the Shanghai office. Gordon Orr is the former Asia chairman of and is now a senior adviser to.

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