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[Webinar] Maintaining Automated ‘Acceptance’ Tests

#4 in the Continuous Delivery webinar series

Automated testing is a cornerstone of Continuous Delivery. Automated functional testing ensures that your software is working across your value stream and that your organization has fast feedback when it’s not. Maintaining automated acceptance tests, once a team has more than a few tests, isn’t trivial however. This webinar covers best practices for keeping your functional test suites long-lived and healthy — from test strategy and tools all the way to coding practices.

About the speaker

Chad Wathington, VP of Product Development. Chad is responsible for ensuring that Studios designs and delivers great products. As the Vice President of Product Development, he provides strategic vision and commercial direction for Studios.

Chad Wathington joined in 2004, after a stint in strategic consulting at the Boston Consulting Group. Before joining the product division, he led the internal change management effort for’ US business. Chad also has experience as a Product Manager, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance Analyst, and Project Manager. He has worked in various software industry verticals including manufacturing, health care, financial services, and consumer services. Chad is a Caterpillar Corp. trained Six Sigma Black Belt. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Harvard University, Cambridge MA.

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