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Podcast: The Growth of Technology in Africa

“People are actually paying with their cell phones in Africa. And I don’t mean smart devices. I mean your low end, text message kind of phones.”

That’s only one of the things that Brain Leke shared with me. Brain is head of technology for Pan Africa. He’s passionate about the technological growth his continent is starting these days. He calls it revolutionising technology.

This episode is about the advancement in technology the African continent is creating these days. We discuss the particular challenges Africa has as a technology location and also how the limits sparkle innovations. We also talk about the efforts is making to grow African technologists and the influence of open source software in the continent.

Brain ends the episode with a call to the technologist of this world: “Explore the continent! It’s got beautiful things to see. And bring your talents!”

I hope you will.

More episodes of the Podcast can be found at SoundCloudiTunes or via RSS.

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