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Open Source Continuous Delivery with Go.CD

Michael Godeck, Thoughtworks: @August1914  

Session slides: (5.4 MB)

The Agile Manifesto:

The Case for Continuous Integration:

The Case for Continuous Delivery:

Continuous Delivery and Automated Tests:

Continuous Delivery and the Business Analyst:

Continuous Delivery and the Executive:

The back-story on the “Go” Continuous Delivery Project:

A Primer on getting started with phing:

Download Go Binaries:

Clone Go Source Code:

Go Documentation:

Go training videos:

Go Support Forum:!forum/go-cd

IRC: #gocd on

Introduction to developing open source Go:

Jez Humble on Continuous Delivery:

Continuous Delivery, the book:

Quality, Productivity and Competitive Position:


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