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[Infographic] How Business Leaders Create Lean Enterprise

The acceleration of change impacts technology, consumer expectations, and economic models. Nowhere has this been so profound as in the decease in the lifespan of companies​ on the S&P 500​, from 67 years average in 1920 to 15 years today.

In order to survive​,​ organizations need to ​innovate at scale. Technology is now core to business​,​ but business is not only technology. Transformation in organizational structure​ and governance​, financial ​management, product development and culture must accompany technical excellence to optimize innovation and ensure ongoing business relevance.

Will your organization be able to keep up with the pace of change?  Will you be a disruptor or disrupted? Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale proposes a roadmap for competitive survival. In our new book, we share how leaders can create thriving ​organizational ​cultures​ required to build an adaptive, resilient Lean Enterprise ​that can survive the future.

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Think Big, Start Now, Learn Fast
How business leaders create lean enterprise: Orient, Explore, Exploit, Transform
Lean Enterprise: building a culture of innovation: verify qualitative, test, validate qualitative, pivot, persevere or stop
Lean Enterprise: don't ask "can we build it", as "should we build it"
Lean Enterprise: Orient, Explore, Exploit, Transform
Chart: High performing IT doubled the chance of exceeding goals for profitability, market share and productivity. Chart: Average lifespan of a Standard and Poor's company has gone from 65 years in 1920 to 15 years in 2015. Chart: chart: 30% to 50% of traditional project planning activities add zero information value to your product success
Lean Enterprise: Orient, Explore, Exploit, Transform
Technical excellence if the foundation of innovative organizations.  Purpose, Organizational Structure, Culture, Portfolio Management.
We are all in the technology business now.

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