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In support of Stonewall’s position on the Gender Recognition Act, as an acknowledged leader of inclusion and diversity within the technology community is standing by Stonewall and their uncompromising stand for trans and non binary people in the UK’s Gender Recognition Act consultation. is an organisation that thrives on enabling technologists to become leaders, regardless of their identity. Trans and non binary people must have their rights protected if we expect them to bring their full selves to work. In our view, Stonewall’s support for the trans community is crucial for the technology industry — but more importantly, for trans and non binary people, from all walks of life, to be able to live in dignity.

That Stonewall has continued to support this community in the face of negative campaigning and media pressure makes us especially proud to partner with them in their ‘Diversity Champions’ programme.

We would encourage everyone who considers themselves allies to trans and non binary people, to fill out the consultation on the Gender Recognition Act through the Stonewall website.

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