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First Continuous Delivery Meet-Up in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Here at, we have taken agile further and for some time now we have worked with Continuous Delivery. This method of software development allows us to deliver software in production frequently and reliably.

In addition to our working for technical excellence in software development, we have great interest in spreading our knowledge. We believe that the logic of the value of “open source” applies to our work methods. We like to share our insights with the community to help build a world where everyone can innovate and contribute to increasingly bold solutions, creating and distributing more knowledge and value.

In that spirit, we sponsored and supported the first Continuous Delivery Meet-Up in Porto Alegre, Brazil, last February 24, at TecnoPUC. ThoughtWorker Pamela Mori talked about the experience of with Rackspace. In addition, Diogo Lucas from AGCO and Guilherme Elias from uMov.Me presented “3 scenarios, 3 setups” and talked about DevOps and development of customized solutions for businesses.


The event exceeded the maximum capacity and we were really happy with the success. We had a chance to exchange ideas with executives from several companies, apart from the technologists community that always brings valuable comments to the table.

We thank the presence of all. We hope to repeat it soon.

If you know Brazilian Portuguese and want to learn more about Continuous Delivery and be notified about related events happening in your city, please download our Continuous Delivery Toolkit.

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