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Dutch building automation company IntroLogic becomes an EcoXpert partner

On March 6th, 2017, Dutch building automation firm IntroLogic announced that it became part of the community of certified EcoXpert partners.

EcoXpert is the partner program for building management systems (BMS), building automation, critical power buildings, connected power, and light and room control (L&RC) of Schneider Electric, helping companies to deliver smarter, better and more efficient buildings, from residential homes to the largest, critical power, buildings.

IntroLogic, launched in 2000 as a building automation company with a focus on tailor-made software, developed an application in 2005, called the Bluefinity system, as it saw the market of domotics grow.

Specialization in light and room control: from luxury villas and offices to an assisted living facility

The Bluefinity System is a modular system that enables customers to manage/control alarm systems, heating, lighting, audio and video, solar shades and more room control and light control functions, depending on customer needs. The image below (courtesy IntroLogic) shows a picture of the system.

Bluefinity System by IntroLogic building automation in The Netherlands - source and courtesy IntroLogic
Bluefinity System by IntroLogic building automation in The Netherlands – source and courtesy IntroLogic

The company is also specialized in KNX, the main smart home protocol in The Netherlands and in the whole of Europe. KNX continues to expand its reach and is also dominant in, among others China.

IntroLogic has an EcoXpert L&RC certification for light and room control. KNX is used at the top of the market, alongside with C-Bus, another standard in the light and room control space that is mainly popular in the Asia Pacific region where it has its roots (the Australian company that developed it was acquired by Schneider Electric several years ago).

As part of the global ecosystem of Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert network, IntroLogic aims to deliver efficient, innovative and integrated systems and solutions, in combination with its modular Bluefinity System that, on top of KNX, also supports DALI, Mod-Bus, BACnet and more.

Light and room control projects

IntroLogic realized several projects in luxury office spaces, villas and luxury residential homes, as well as an assisted living facility with a total of 32 apartments.

IntroLogicFor the latter project IntroLogic worked with Schneider Electric’s HomeLYnk. Pictures and details about the projects can be found here (Dutch only).

For more examples of the work of EcoXpert L&RC badge owners, discover how French certified EcoXpert light and room control partner Soliled used the Internet of Things and smart building automation for an integrated building automation project, enhancing the customer experience of the guests of Parisian hotel Goralska Résidences.

The announcement by IntroLogic (in Dutch) on its joining of Schneider Electric’s partner ecosystem.

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