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Child Care at Work: Solutions for Working Parents

It is evening. Calls with the folks in the US have just begun. The lead BA looks at his watch frantically. He has to wrap up this one in the next 10 minutes, or he’s going to be late. His three-year-old daughter will be the last one picked up from day care…again. The call doesn’t seem to matter anymore. His colleagues urge him to drop off, but the client is on the other end. You can’t just drop off the call like that. He sighs looking at his watch again.

A senior developer is just back from her maternity leave. She hardly looks refreshed. How could she be? She just left her three-month-old son with her mother back in her home town. There was just no reliable child care available, and with her working hours and her husband’s traveling routines, the only way to be with her son would be to leave her job. She was trying to delay that, and was wondering how long the current situation can last …

Balancing life and work is quite challenging for many working parents. Many professionals will leave their career mid-way to take care of their child. Finding reliable child care in Bangalore is very hard for many parents who live away from their home town. When we asked parents in the Bangalore office if they would consider sending their child to a corporate day care center supported by, we received enough interest from parents that we went forward exploring an in-premise option and interviewing different corporate child care providers. After much research, our center opened in May 2014. 

We believe having an in-premise child care also helps expectant mothers rethink their decision to leave their jobs. What can be more safe and comforting than to have your child right next to you, and to be able to work without the pressures of having to navigate through traffic to pick up your child on time?

As we continue to explore more options to provide support to working parents, and also to attract women who want to join us back after a break (Vapasi), the in-premise child care at the Bangalore office is a step in the right direction.

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