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Benefits of eLearning in the Workplace that Help Increase Business Productivity

Editor’s note: In the article, Boris describes benefits eLearning can bring to your employees and how it will affect your business productivity (spoiler: positively). And if you feel inspired to transform your training and development with technology, you may turn ScienceSoft’s experts for professional advice. We will eagerly share our expertise in SaaS development and custom development of full-fledged eLearning solutions to help you with your training challenges.

Benefits of eLearning in the workplace

Today, eLearning has become a popular way to efficiently educate employees in the workplace. According to statistics, 72% of organizations believe eLearning will help them increase their competitive edge through refreshed and up-to-date knowledge of their employees. So, more and more companies I talk to are ready to invest in eLearning. Some of them choose custom solutions, while others follow the latest trend and opt for SaaS eLearning.

At ScienceSoft, we have successfully fulfilled projects both on developing custom eLearning software and creating SaaS eLearning products. This ample experience allows me to summarize the drivers for companies to leverage eLearning in the workplace.

Doubt that eLearning Is Suitable for Improving Training and Development at Your Company?

ScienceSoft’s experts will gladly consult you on eLearning capabilities and help you decide whether it’s worth trying at your company.

With eLearning, employees can learn at any time, place, and pace via any device, including mobile, provided there is the internet. It is especially relevant for international companies that have either offices in different countries or employees working remotely.

According to our customers’ feedback, flexibility in training styles is what attracts employees most in eLearning and helps them achieve better results. They even share that mobile learners study training content 45% faster than those using a desktop. No wonder, our customers often demand a mobile version of eLearning software along with the desktop version.

As I see from SceinceSoft’s experience in eLearning projects, eLearning software provides efficient managing of training courses and trainees, tracking trainee performance and certification validity. Such software allows businesses to see the full picture of the state of training and development at their companies in real time.

To show you an example of extensive opportunities eLearning offers to employers, I’d like to resort to our project on the development of an online learning portal for vocational training for construction specialists. This portal allowed employers to track expiration dates of employees’ competencies and arrange training renewals for them, allocate personalized training plans to employees and monitor their progress and attendance.

When developing learning management solutions, we at ScienceSoft ensure high trainee engagement that has a positive effect on learning speed and knowledge retention. Hopefully, eLearning provides rich opportunities to engage trainees. First of all, it offers diverse types of content: videos, images, charts, quizzes, and mini-games. This allows turning even a dull training session on compliance into an exciting experience for employees. Also, eLearning often goes hand in hand with social learning, which improves employee communication, collaboration, supports community building and nurtures workplace culture. All this contributes to a company’s productivity as well as employee retention that can increase by 25-60%.

How to bring eLearning to the workplace

To leverage eLearning in the workplace, I advise you to start with devising a solid eLearning strategy and then choose a proper technology that will meet your training and development needs. In case you find it too challenging or time-consuming to decide on the strategy or navigate through numerous eLearning tools and features to choose from, ScienceSoft’s consultants will gladly help, just let us know.

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