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Announcing Mingle 3.3 | ThoughtWorks

The Mingle team are very excited to be able to announce that Mingle 3.3 is now available.

Mingle 3.3 includes a variety of features and enhancements including enhanced access control and improved user management features which enable you and your team to easily standardize and manage user groups and project workflows. In addition Mingle 3.3 enhances the Studios ALM suite by integrating with Go, our Agile release management solution, to provide your entire team with real-time visibility into the health of your builds and project status in one place. Finally we have added additional MQL functionality, an Event APIimproved Excel export options, an updated UIwith support for IE8 and support for Git source control. For full details and help on our new features please take a look at the Mingle 3.3 help.


– The Mingle Team


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