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Surveillance vs Security Camera – What’s the Difference?

Surveillance vs Security Camera
Surveillance vs Security Camera

Difference Between Surveillance vs Security Camera

Learn and Understand the complete detail about the difference between Surveillance vs Security Camera

What is Surveillance?

Surveillance is usually used to look at something or something (i.e., a home, business, or nearby property) to prevent or detect intruders. Systems are configured by placing a network of video cameras in a specific area with a strategy to capture the occurrence of video events. Surveillance footage is either broadcast on the monitor and/or recorded for future use.

Types of surveillance cameras:

  • Dome cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • C-Mount Cameras

What is Security?

Security systems go a little further by protecting you from harm or damage through a network of alarms and sensors. They will also protect you from Non-Criminal situations that could potentially be harmful to you, your family, or your assets. Security systems enable 24/7 surveillance. With sensors for flood, heat/smoke/fire, motion, glass breaks, doors, and windows. And real alerts are sent directly to you and the appropriate authorities three

Types of Security Cameras:

Monitored systems:               

These systems are the most common. Where a monitoring agent working at your company’s security center is notified when the alarm goes off at your residence and contacts local authorities. You are also notified by Cell Phones.


Self -Monitored systems work like a surveillance system, but instead of notifying an agent, you receive 24/7 alerts on your cell phone and are responsible for contacting the authorities. This option will save you extra fees but also risks losing the alert if you are worried.

Local Security Systems:

Local Security Systems are the most basic. These systems set up loud alarms or sirens that can be heard in the immediate area. These alarms rely on alerting you or your neighbors to call the appropriate authorities.

Security vs Surveillance Camera:

Security Camera:

The Security cameras are also known as CCTV cameras are used to transfer signals from a certain area to an exact monitor located at a distance spot.

It allows you to observe activities:

Security cameras are an effective way to track suspicious visitors in your area.

It deters criminal acts:

Whether it’s carefully placed at home or in the office, security cameras discourage any criminal intent. Because the criminals know they are being watched, they will stop their plans for fear of getting caught.

It provides evidence for a crime:

Security cameras are great for capturing evidence of any unexpected events, especially nowadays where CCTV has advanced audio and video.

Surveillance Camera:

The surveillance camera or automatic number plate identification system operates on an IP network that links the camera to a remote area and transmits the video to a security area.

In constant to security cameras, which aim to deter criminals, surveillance cameras aim to catch a target for certain operations.

It reduces the crime rate in public areas:

Even in public places, where cameras are installed, criminals commit a crime.

It allows for easy monitoring from afar:

You can easily monitor these areas wherever you are. You can view the feed from the camera via the internet or your mobile device.

It helps improve the public’s safety:

Public safety has been improved at public places such as street crossings, malls, and also in parking areas.

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